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Send me a photo of your PET and I will feature it here! Include your name, a link and some message for PET fans and I will publish it here along with your photo.

Check out the Commodore PET Mini Serial No.0001 by Vince Weaver, Chuck Peddle itself got it on his hands and there's a photo proving it!

Serial No.0005

Build by Luca H.
Date august 18th, 2019

It was fun to make the Mini PET as a small project. The 3D-printing files were great to print out and the finished model looks pretty neat. Because I already had the PiTFT Plus 2.8 display at home, I used that one. I had to mirror the Monitor frame so I could attach the display to the frame. It was real fun to do and I can definitely recommend this project. Thanks a lot for these great instructions!

Serial No.0004

Build by Matt Kasdorf
Date june 16th, 2019

I came upon the CommodorePETmini.com website through a posting to the Calgary Commodore Users Group forum. My build turned out to be more difficult as I substituted the recommended display for a cheaper 2.8" SPI display. I ended up using an older version of RetroPie, and a RPi3B. My kids and I decided keep the 3D printed appearance, but I'm going to paint the inside black to help retain the light leakage. I too tried Combian64, and was unsuccessful getting it to work with my TFT display. I'm currently modifying it and hope to release a version, which I'm calling "CommPi", with a bunch of PET 2001/4032 software pre-installed.

Serial No.0003

Build by Brian Roy
Date june 2nd, 2019

I had lots of fun making this Mini Commodore Pet, and it didn’t seem too difficult either. I own an original Pet 2001n with 32k ram, and from a distance, the smaller version looks like a Mini-Me. I installed Retropie on the mini pet along with Vice, but I would love to get Combian 64 working on it with the TFT display. Maybe someday. I collect a lot of old computers, there’s so much nostalgia with these beautiful machines. The Pet is one of my favorites when it comes to looks. Thank you for making this project possible. It’s an excellent design!

Serial No.0002

Build by Javier Couñago
Date may 21st, 2019

My name is Javier Couñago, author of the web portal Commodore Spain. When I met your project I fell in love with the Mini Pet. He already had his older brother, but his mini version is simply lovely so I decided to do it and take him to the annual Explora Commodore event in Barcelona on 11/05/2019. There I showed it to the friends and followers of Commodore. They all said the same thing. It's awesome! Now my Pet 4032 will no longer feel so alone ;-)

Serial No.0001

Build by Vince Weaver
Date april 5th, 2019

Thanks to Vince, this little buddy has been showcased in an exhibition held on april this year at the University of Maine, where Chuck Peddle itself, the designer of the authentic Commodore PET and the 6502 microprocessor, and a visionary computer pioneer who shaped the modern era of computing gave a speech and found time to take a photo holding this Commodore PET Mini. Thanks Mr.Peddle for giving us great computers!

Serial No.0000

Build by Lorenzo Herrera
Date january 31st, 2019

This is the first prototype print of the Commodore PET Mini, I used it to debug lots of errors on the 3D models, but after some retouching it ended working fine. It's now proudly standing in my desk.