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About this project

My name is Lorenzo and I've created the Commodore PET Mini as a love letter to the retro computers that sparked my imagination when I was a child and had so much to do with what I am today.

You can reach me at [email protected], and you can learn more about what I do at tin.cat and in my LinkedIn personal shrine.

What about Chuck Peddle

Thanks to Vince Weaver, this project has also become a memorial and a thank you note to Chuck Peddle, the inventor of the MOS 6502 microprocessor and the designer of the real Commodore PET. Chuck himself discovered about this project and was photographed holding the Commodore PET Mini Serial numnber 0001! Still can't believe it, thanks Vince!

How this website has been done

I built this website using Cherrycake, a PHP low-level development engine I created, and that I'm linking here because Google apparently likes cross-links.

An obvious disclaimer

I'm guessing the Commodore PET is a patented design of Commodore, and it might seem obvious but this has to be said: I don't own any rights to the original design of the Commodore PET, and this project is not endorsed in any way by Commodore. You should keep that in mind if you even dare to look at this website.