To do

How to contribute

You're welcome to contribute to the project in any way you want, here you have some suggestions:

  1. If you want to improve the design of the 3D models, feel free to push your changes to the Commodore PET Mini official GitHub repository
  2. If you have some suggestions to improve this website or you think something should be added or changed to this website, push your changes to the Commodore PET Mini website GitHub repository, or let me know via email to [email protected]
  3. If you're proud of your Commodore PET Mini and want to share some beauty shots, check out the User builds section.

The contributors

  • Lorenzo Herrera is the creator of this project. More people will be added here as they contribute with their ideas, remixes and mods for the Commodore PET Mini!
  • Massimo 'Max' Sernesi contributed his ideas on how to create and print little keycaps to make the keyboard of the PET Mini look awesome. He also suggested the creation of a serial number plaque that might be customized and mimics the real PET serial number plaques.